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Small Business Saturday 2017

This Saturday sees the return of Small Business Saturday, and the Federation of Small Businesses is encouraging people to show their support for local businesses. Now in its fifth year, Small Business Saturday shines a light on the diverse range of brilliant small firms across the country. It is especially prudent as small businesses are up against a weakening economy and rising costs. Small businesses are vital to the local communities and now it’s your opportunity to celebrate their contribution to the economy by shopping small this weekend. FSB research shows that for every £1 spent with a small or medium-sized business, 63% cent is re-spent in the local area – compared to 40p in every £1 spent with a chain...

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Some more Amazon news……

As readers of our blog may have guessed by now, we are not Amazon’s greatest fans. We do not like Amazon predatory attitude of getting the sale at any cost, thereby making life for the independent shops so much more challenging. And we do not approve at all of their attitude on tax. It appears in 2016 they had sales of £7.3 billion in the UK and paid a total of £7.4 million in UK tax. Obviously, tax is a percentage of profit, but if they can only achieve profit of £24 million on 7.3 billion sales – do they have a sound business model? They state they pay all taxes as required in the country they operate in, and...

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Shop local - increase your property value.

I visited London yesterday and to have something to read on the train journey home, I picked up the Evening Standard. It contained a very interesting article, written by Mark Blunden.  Househunters now put a parade of bijou shops high on their wishlist HOUSEHUNTERS are more attracted to properties close to parades of bijou shops than a big supermarket, a London estate agent has claimed. Marsh & Parsons said streets filled with "vibrant and independent" stores, even if they are more expensive than large chains, are considered a bonus.The estate agent claims homes up to a mile from London's most popular trading roads, such as Cross Street in Islington, could command up to 10 per cent more than their neighbours. Other retail areas...

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Independent Retailer Month

July is the Independent Retailer Month so support your local independent shops. The majority of us enjoy a vibrant high street and a vibrant local economy. If we do not support the local independent shops they will disappear and your high street will turn into what is already found in many US town and cities, particularly mid-West. A high street (or main street as they call it there) completely boarded up apart from the Amazon parcel pick-up point and a McDonalds. Please let us avoid that here. I pass on this message from the official Independent Retailer Month:“Independent retailers and consumer facing businesses are important. They are the life-blood of our local retail centres - towns, high streets, villages. They...

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